Equipment Manufacturing

Looking for a reliable provider of equipment manufacturing services? Welcome to Advantek Australia. Whether you require complete machine and equipment manufacture, single component prototyping or high volume production engineering, custom fabrications, CNC machining, at Advantek Australia we can deliver it all.

From a ‘one of a kind’ part to mass production for large scale use, our CNC machining, milling and routing services can handle projects of any size or complexity. We can work with you to design and develop a fully functional machine as per your requirements. Our efficient processes ensure you receive your product on time and in perfect condition.

Our Services

Profiles, Rods, Sheets, Tubes

We stock a wide range of Engineering plastics stock shapes from HDPE to high performance products.

Laser Cutting & Fabrication

Precise laser cutting is critical for quality manufacturing and finish.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering involves dissembling or dismantling a product in order…

Design & Modelling

In many cases, our clients approach us with a concept of the kind of product they require.

Plastic Forming

Plastic thermoforming is one of the fastest growing methods of producing plastic packaging. 

3D Scanning / 3D Printing

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