Profiles, Rods, Sheets, Tubes

We stock a wide range of Engineering plastics stock shapes from HDPE to high performance products. We sell them to our customers in stock shapes as rods or sheet form and also process them in our state-of-the-art machine shop to all kinds of complex shapes.

We have also teamed up with various quality suppliers in Australia and overseas for the supply of quality materials in Engineering plastics. All our materials are available with material data sheets for specification and tracebility.

The range of materials we keep in stock and process are HDPE, UHMWPE, Polypropylene, Nylon (All Grades), Acetal (All Grades), Teflon Grades, PETP Grades, Acrylic (Lexan), Polycarbonate (Perspex), PVC, Polyurethane, HIPS and many more.

At Advantek we deal with a wide range of industries and have the capability to identify a particular product used in the process and replace it with similar or better material.

At Advantek we supply a range of plastic tubes in various sizes and materials that are suitable for a range of a different applications – such as food and beverage handling, chemical processing and even medical industry use as well.

Our Services

Machined Components

Advantek specializes in advanced manufacturing in all engineering plastics grades.

Laser Cutting & Fabrication

Precise laser cutting is critical for quality manufacturing and finish.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering involves dissembling or dismantling a product in order…

Design & Modelling

In many cases, our clients approach us with a concept of the kind of product they require.

Plastic Forming

Plastic thermoforming is one of the fastest growing methods of producing plastic packaging. 

3D Scanning / 3D Printing

3D printing helps achieve miniature models and successful prototypes to be used in bulk orders.