Complete Machining Package

Advantek Australia is an Australian owned precision machining shop in busy industrial area in Wetherill Park, Sydney. We are specialised in Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) Machining to support a wide range of market sectors.

Our manufactured parts, range from ‘one off’s’ to high quantities and can assist client in solving the most challenging machining assignments. We do machining of medium to large castings for mining, resource, transport and rail industries

We have a number of skilled, knowledgeable and experienced staff who can cover a wide range of assignments using latest CAD/CAM software technology, it enables us Precision Machining to suit any of your requests at a high level of quality service.

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Our services include design, engineering, fabrication and all the way to complete machining. We can produce all kinds of industrial and structural parts with the precision and finish you require. We can handle both standard and specialised machining for both plastic and metals.

Precise laser cutting is critical for quality manufacturing and finish. At Advantek we provide professional laser cutting services for all types of plastic and metal.

At Advantek, our engraving service can be used for multiple applications - for instrument panels and heavy-duty labels to office directories, door signs and plaques. We offer laser engraving services for metals such as stainless steel, brass, aluminium and plastic surfaces like acrylic, laminate and Perspex.

At Advantek we also specialise in waterjet cutting. Our modern machines can cut anything from polystyrene foam to metal.

Looking for custom designed wear strips and chain guides? Let Advantek make them for you with our profiling facilities. We can work with your design to manufacture required profiles & lengths from one off to larger batches produced from various engineering plastics.

At Advantek, our routing facilities are truly versatile. Our high speed routing machine can accommodate a full size sheet of thickness up to 100 mm and delivers accuracy and fast production which helps us provide cost effective products.

Our second German engineered machine produces complex quality parts ranging from simple 2D machining to 3D parts. These are completely interfaced with our CAD / CAM Systems. We use our milling facility for specialized components which require a high degree of accuracy and complexity. We design and manufacture special jigs and fixtures for holding these products as well.

At Advantek, our German engineered CNC Turning centre is equipped with milling facility and bar-loader. We can produce complex components efficiently maintaining the balance of quality and cost.

Our machines are capable of handling close tolerances and are well equipped for fast production as well. We design special tooling in-house for complex components for to ensure accuracy and quality.